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KenaxOS, origninally called AOS (An Operating System), is a new OS intended to be developer-friendly. It is written in C and some Intel syntax Assembly. The development of KenaxOS orginally started out as a hobby, then as a research project for my high school. I have not yet presented the project, but while developing the OS I wanted to take this project seriously and try to make an operating system that is useful to many people, especially developers. My plan , as mentioned above, is to make KenaxOS developer-friendly, meaning an operating system with an excellent interface/environment for software developers and even operating system developers.

KenaxOS, is currently message-based, using a FIFO buffer as a message que. The messaging system for KenaxOS was based off of the Microsoft Windows Win32 API message handler. Once the kernel loads, it sets up the message que and sends a message saying that it has booted. Then, there is a while loop which continues to loop until the chckMsg() function in the kernel finds a MSG_SHTDWN in the message que. If a MSG_SHTDWN is not found it will check if the next message to read has already been read, if not then it will read the message and proccess it.

The message handler is made up of switch() statements, similar to the Win32 API message handler. Interrupts also send a message, which is then proccessed. This decreases the amount of time a task is interrupted by hardware or software. At this point, the only aspects of KenaxOS that are done are the messaging system, and interrupt handling, such as the keyboard. I do understand that the development of KenaxOS is very slow and gradual, but it is certainly growing in functionality. This is because there is only one developer, myself, who is new to OS development but is fairly fluent in C programming and Assembly. Also, because I am still 16 years old, turning 17 this December (2006), my school year is soon to start again, hence I will lose a fair amount of time for research and development for KenaxOS.

KenaxOS will be multitasking and, as mentioned above, developer-friendly. KenaxOS's task management will be preemtive and cooperative scheduling. The developer-friendly aspect of KenaxOS will be accomplished by implementing libraries and compilers of many programing lanuages and providing useful development tools for developers Logo